Tell the Time and Go to Play! Yay!



School time is over and the holidays are the most cherished moment that kids eagerly wait for, making the kids aware of how important time is needed creative ways to make them understand. Tiny tots are always amazed by the difference between the morning, evening and night, they often confuse with the concept of having lunch in the afternoon and dinnertime at night. Educating the kids about the importance of time is important, for them to be organized and value time later in their life. the clock hand and the big hand of clocks confuse the little munchkins that they totally avoid seeing the clock or just cook up some story to evade looking at the clock altogether.

Toys to teach the kids the relevance of time and reading them is a fun activity, this site reviews the latest educational toys and is useful for the parents who are looking to improve their kid’s ability to recognize the time and do they daily work and go to play.

  • make it a fun to read the time, they may feel confused to look up the traditional clocks, get the colorful toy ,that has all the features of a clock, the ring tones are different for every hour and the wooden shapes in the toy help them to understand the concept quickly
  • games are fun, while board games based on the sundial is yet another easy way to engage the kids to play according to the time they need to set, the hourglass , the analog and digital clocks help the kids to understand both ways of reading time
  • you can even do a DIY clock at home, with cardboard and an ice cream sticks to hold the hands of the clock, colorful display of time and reading them will definitely improve the kids to read time perfectly.
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