If you are someone that has ever experienced stress, you will have also experienced reaching for a sugary snack to take the edge off. Unless you have an incredible amount of self-control, it is likely that you would have found comfort in junk food during a time of immense stress, but why does our body resort to junk food as a means to relieve us of that feeling of stress?


Stress Eating

Do not worry, you don’t reach out for sugary snacks due to your own personal gluttony. When we experience stress, our body releases a handy little chemical called Cortisol. Humans produce this hormone in order to trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response that is caused by feelings of stress. This is created due to our body’s natural need to survive, so when we feel stressed, we instantly go into survival mode thanks to this hormone which may help during situations of actual peril.


However, if you are not in a situation of peril, this hormone can actually prove to be quite inconvenient. This is because, as well as making you more prepared for any dangerous encounter, this hormone also makes you crave salty and sweet foods. This explains why you are bound to search for a snack when you are feeling a bit anxious and have nothing to worry about if you aren’t pushing it too far.


However, if you are someone who is often exposed to stressful situations, then the effects of this hormone can be quite detrimental. This is because you are likely to consume more unhealthy food that may lead to obesity or other health and organ issues.  This is often an issue experienced by people who work in offices or other desk jobs. This is because these are very stressful work sectors that don’t allow you to gain much exercise as you don’t really have the chance to walk around and burn off any calories that you may consume.


Leptin Resistance

Another section of people that may suffer more from the effects of stress is those of us that suffer from Leptin resistance. Leptin is within all of us and basically tells us when we are consuming too much food. Depending on your size, your body will allow you to consume a certain amount. If you are someone who is overweight, your body will try and tell you to eat less in order to remain healthy.  However, if you are someone that suffers from leptin resistance, then your appetite will be slightly out of control and your body will not be able to tell you when you should stop eating. Which can be extremely detrimental to people who experience a lot of stress. If you are someone who relates to this uncontrollable appetite, then you may have leptin resistance. If you think this applies to you, then you can learn more about leptin resistance online. It is nothing to really worry about and can be easily managed once you acknowledge that you have to deal with it.