Everyone wants to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family. And to do so, you’ll have to spend a bit on fancy wine and food.

Thanksgiving is such a special celebration. Everyone comes together to celebrate and recognize the blessings and sacrifices during the previous year.

It is indeed one of the most special holidays of the year!

Of course, Thanksgiving will not be complete without the dinner feast! Dealing with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is another story to tell.

However, here’s a bit of information on how you can deal with the Thanksgiving dinner costs.

How much does a typical Thanksgiving dinner cost?

Photo of big family sit feast dishes table around roasted turkey

According to the American Farm Bureau, the cost of a Thanksgiving meal decreased to $2 compared to the 2019 price.

Based on the data obtained by the Bureau, the cost of a typical Thanksgiving dinner meal is around $18 after adjusting for inflation. These include all the trimming such as stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and many more.

The average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is lower compared to last year’s because the price of turkey, whipped cream, and sweet potatoes went down too.

Anyway, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people is around $50 or more. Of course, that really depends on how fancy you want it and you can spend more if you can!

What are ways to deal with Thanksgiving dinner expenses?

Dealing with Thanksgiving dinner expenses is essential. It’s probably wise to spend less considering the situation everyone is in at the moment.


Here are a few smart ways to deal with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner:

Make a plan.

Planning ahead of time is a big advantage. It gives you time to shop for ingredients and compare their prices from place to place.

With this in mind, you can probably stretch your dollar which saves you money and stress at the same time.

Know what you already have.

Check out the pantry before crafting your Thanksgiving dinner grocery list. There’s a pretty big chance that you may already have the ingredients somewhere.

So, be sure to check out your spice cupboard before heading out to the store.

Keep your gathering small.

So, to cut costs, you should consider a small gathering. It’s tempting to invite your extended family and friends over but it’s probably not that practical.

That way, you won’t go overboard on your spending!

Why dealing with Thanksgiving dinner costs is important?

As a responsible person, learning to deal with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is essential because you want your finances to be in good shape despite treating everyone during this special occasion.

Besides, there are many other expenses that you need to prioritize such as paying for bills, mortgage, debts, and home groceries. And of course, you also need to put aside a certain amount for your savings!

So, be wise. Learn to deal with your expenses the smart way!

The Conclusion

Thanksgiving is indeed one of the best celebrations everyone kind of look forward to each year.

Spending on fancy dinner is a thing for most people. However, everyone should know how to handle and manage their expenses well to avoid overspending.

Good thing there are many promotions and discounted prices for when you shop for Thanksgiving dinner! (If you know where to look)

And when you shop for Thanksgiving, it’s good to use your credit cards to utilize the reward points.

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Again, do not go overboard on your spending.

Happy Thanksgiving!