The Williamsburg Harvest Celebration is at the center of the original, authentic, tangible and visual story of America’s necessity for farm/sea to table cuisine. As the most significant U.S. trend in fine dining sweeps the nation from New York to Seattle, the Williamsburg Harvest Celebration takes visitors and culinary enthusiasts on an authentic gastronomic journey that started more than 400 years ago.

In 1607, farm/sea to table was not a fad, but a means of survival nurtured by relationships formed between the Jamestown settlers and native Americans. Today, the same land cultivated in 1607 yields culinary treasures turned into gastronomic art du cuisine at fine restaurants and establishments on the Virginia Peninsula.The Williamsburg Harvest Celebration honors the land used to shape our nation and the culinary lifestyle found in the kitchens of America.

Williamsburg Harvest Celebration is a collaborative effort with the City of Williamsburg, James City Country, York County and Williamsburg Winery overseen by the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, to invite people to connect, to the places where they gather, to themselves, and to others through sincere interactions, authentic roots in history, and exposure to new ideas. During a five day event in the Greater Williamsburg area you will have the opportunity to EAT+DRINK+LEARN while attending any of the 40 culinary inspired events highlighting all things Virginia – Chefs, Farmers, Artisans, Foragers, Authors, Brewers, Winemakers and Culinary Historians. Through food we all come together to create our community. Proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels, Southern Foodways Alliance, FISH and the VA Fresh Food Fund.