How to Deal With the Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Deal With the Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone wants to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the family. And to do so, you’ll have to spend a bit on fancy wine and food.

Thanksgiving is such a special celebration. Everyone comes together to celebrate and recognize the blessings and sacrifices during the previous year.

It is indeed one of the most special holidays of the year!

Of course, Thanksgiving will not be complete without the dinner feast! Dealing with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is another story to tell.

However, here’s a bit of information on how you can deal with the Thanksgiving dinner costs.

How much does a typical Thanksgiving dinner cost?

Photo of big family sit feast dishes table around roasted turkey

According to the American Farm Bureau, the cost of a Thanksgiving meal decreased to $2 compared to the 2019 price.

Based on the data obtained by the Bureau, the cost of a typical Thanksgiving dinner meal is around $18 after adjusting for inflation. These include all the trimming such as stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and many more.

The average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is lower compared to last year’s because the price of turkey, whipped cream, and sweet potatoes went down too.

Anyway, the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal for 10 people is around $50 or more. Of course, that really depends on how fancy you want it and you can spend more if you can!

What are ways to deal with Thanksgiving dinner expenses?

Dealing with Thanksgiving dinner expenses is essential. It’s probably wise to spend less considering the situation everyone is in at the moment.


Here are a few smart ways to deal with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner:

Make a plan.

Planning ahead of time is a big advantage. It gives you time to shop for ingredients and compare their prices from place to place.

With this in mind, you can probably stretch your dollar which saves you money and stress at the same time.

Know what you already have.

Check out the pantry before crafting your Thanksgiving dinner grocery list. There’s a pretty big chance that you may already have the ingredients somewhere.

So, be sure to check out your spice cupboard before heading out to the store.

Keep your gathering small.

So, to cut costs, you should consider a small gathering. It’s tempting to invite your extended family and friends over but it’s probably not that practical.

That way, you won’t go overboard on your spending!

Why dealing with Thanksgiving dinner costs is important?

As a responsible person, learning to deal with the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is essential because you want your finances to be in good shape despite treating everyone during this special occasion.

Besides, there are many other expenses that you need to prioritize such as paying for bills, mortgage, debts, and home groceries. And of course, you also need to put aside a certain amount for your savings!

So, be wise. Learn to deal with your expenses the smart way!

The Conclusion

Thanksgiving is indeed one of the best celebrations everyone kind of look forward to each year.

Spending on fancy dinner is a thing for most people. However, everyone should know how to handle and manage their expenses well to avoid overspending.

Good thing there are many promotions and discounted prices for when you shop for Thanksgiving dinner! (If you know where to look)

And when you shop for Thanksgiving, it’s good to use your credit cards to utilize the reward points.

Don’t forget to use the Capital One offer code for a competitive credit card offer!

Again, do not go overboard on your spending.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Recipes Guaranteed to Make Your Independent Bakery Stand Out

Recipes Guaranteed to Make Your Independent Bakery Stand Out

Owning an independent bakery in a world of fast-food giants can prove difficult, it is important to find your way within the market and build brand loyalty amongst the customers who try your baked products. Especially when working in an industry that relies upon the reviews of the people who visit your business and spread the word amongst their peers. There are many ways that you can help make your company stand out from the others with one of the fundamentals being to work on developing your own unique recipes to bring in a larger number of people.

If you know that baking is where your passion lies then I would highly recommend that you look at existing products to get an idea of the things that are most popular. With baking being very prone to change in the products that are trending it is important that you keep your menu fresh so that your customers do not lose interest. New recipes are about experimentation and finding new combinations of flavors that work together within the finished product. You and your staff should be doing constant experiments of new recipes so that you are always bringing something new to the table.

Continue reading this article for more helpful advice on how to grow your independent bakery to a respectable level as well as some of the best recipes and trends within the industry, which will help keep your customers coming back for more.

Recipe Suggestions

Some recipes that you could try to help your bakery stand out could include the very popular salted caramel that can be implemented in cake biscuits or used as a filling for many products. Chocolate is always very popular and provides an opportunity for you to use decadent decoration to attract more people to buy them. Putting together a solid menu requires a balance of products to make sure there is something that everyone will enjoy, with this in mind you should include things that have fresh fruit so that those who do not enjoy super sickly desserts are also included.

Exotic Baked Goods

As travel opens up again and people are getting away to different parts of the world they are also sampling new types of foods, this can play a big part in your bakery’s success as you could start adding foreign baked goods to your own menus back home. This is not only a great way to bring customers to your door but also spreads awareness of a food product that people may not have tried before. If you can offer something that is not very easily found amongst other bakeries then you are bringing something new to the table that people cannot get anywhere else, if you make them well you could have plenty of customers who regularly return to taste your exotic products.

New Trends in the Baking World

It is very important that you keep on top of the current trends that are happening in the world of baking, so as to avoid falling behind and using a menu that is not going to be very popular with the majority In order to do this you must be doing plenty of research and sourcing of feedback with your customers by asking them what they like about your food and what they would like to see. This allows you to appeal to the masses and ensure that people keep on coming back and spending their money with you qs they can rely on the fact that they can try something different.

One trend that is going on in some parts of the world would have to be the incorporation of supplements and other tinctures within baked goods. Many people are now aware of CBD and the huge benefits it can have for many people including pain relief, anxiety relief, and improvement to sleep quality. As the product is so versatile with it coming in easy to use CBD oil forms that can be added to food it makes sense that people would combine the two and start using baking with CBD to satisfy their sugar cravings while gaining the benefits that CBD can bring for your mind and body.

Americas Four Most Popular Food Festivals!

Going to a food festival in America is an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, with cuisines from around the globe food enthusiasts flock to the various food festivals around America every year. A visit to your local festival is guaranteed to be overall great experience.


Milford Restaurant Week

Based in Milford Connecticut, the Milford Restaurant Week is a celebration of all the best restaurants in the area, priding themselves on high-quality service and health and safety, this event provides peace of mind that the festival not only offers great food but that care has been taken in terms of health and safety, including the importance of pest control whilst the event is being hosted. Milford Restaurant Week is proud to partner with smaller pest control companies who are some of the best for pest control in ct, as they offer a more personalized and specific service which tends to be more effective than the mainstream companies.


Happy Harry’s Ribfest

If you are a fan of ribs and grilled meats, then Happy Harry’s is the food festival for you. Not for the faint of heart, this food festival is a meat extravaganza with every kind of meat being available. Following the idea that outdoor cooking and grilling is the best way to cook, there is a real urban atmosphere within this event. The smell of such a variety of meat being cooked all around you is enough to make you salivate with hunger, with retailers offering freshly cooked meals and butcher counters you can either buy a meal on-site or take something home to cook up a storm yourself.


Seattle Street Food Festival

One of America’s most popular and well-known food festivals, The Seattle Street Food Festival offers a wide range of cuisines from around the world. As the event focuses primarily on the sale of street food you can expect to find a wide range of easy to eat, delicious meals that can be enjoyed whilst watching the on-site entertainment. This event is much more than just food with live music and a variety of small retailers selling everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothes. The Seattle street food festival has been commended for its support of small business owners and giving them the chance to increase their custom, the fact that the event takes the time to do this is reflective of the attitude of the festival as a whole, this family-orientated event isn’t one to miss.

Eat Drink SF

Eat Drink SF is an annual food and wine festival hosted in the San Francisco area, offering a wide range of foods that can be sampled and purchased. I would definitely advise not eating prior to visiting this event, as the amount of foods that can be tasted on a complimentary basis is staggering in comparison to other events like this. This festival is designed to allow food retailers to share what they are offering, instead of just searching for profit Eat Drink focuses on allowing businesses to build their following. Within such a jam-packed industry it can be hard for smaller food retailers to increase their visitors, but by providing the opportunity to interact with large volumes of customers, the festival has proven to be a useful tool in aiding the success of small food retailers.


In terms of the food and drink that is available at Eat Drink, you can expect multiple culinary feats inspired by different areas of the world, including Thai street food, freshly made Italian pizzas, and delicious curries inspired by rural India.


Is there a Correlation Between Your Diet and Hair Growth?

Hair loss is one of the most natural and common issues many people face as they age. While it isn’t painful or deadly at all, it can cause a lot of other issues in people such as confidence problems or anxiety. And for others, hair loss is not an issue and just accepted as an inevitable side effect of age.

But for those who dread that day their hair falls out, they turn to miracle cures and any scientific advancement that can hold back the tide of hair loss. Miracle growth cures, fad products, and spiritual meditations to gain control over their body processes.

One of the big parts of our lives that may be having a direct impact on our hair growth, and eventual loss, is our diet. It is well documented how much of our bodily processes are directly affected by our diet. And everything our body does is indirectly affected by it. But how strong is the correlation between our diet and hair growth? And what can you do to change your diet to improve it?

The Correlation

Studies have confirmed that hair growth is directly linked to metabolic function. It is said that hair growth is, in fact, the metabolically active process that takes place within our body. But what does this mean for you as an average person?

The metabolic functions can be affected by both caloric intake and nutritional deficiency. Sometimes this is a result of a preexisting physical condition within a person, other times it can be a result of poor diet. The main issue is that poor diet has a slew of other issues related to it beyond hairless that it is often ignored as a side effect and even attributed to other conditions or simply natural aging. Companies like goodvara have been putting funding into research into the specific relation between diet and hair loss.

Stress is another factor that plays an important part in the process of hair loss and growth. But it also connects to your diet in an interesting way. It has been proven that when under stress, some people will turn to eat to deal with it. This can cause an imbalance in their diet and metabolic functions. This is compounded by the already present issues that stress causes the body, including hair loss.

What Can Be Done

It might seem like changing the fate of your hair is impossible. But this is not the truth at all. Firstly, changing your diet can have a big impact. A good start will be to make sure you are getting enough calories in your day. You might be thinking, won’t more calories make me fat. This is a common misconception. Calories only play a part in weight gain, along with fat and sugar. Calories are what generates the energy our body needs to carry out its natural functions. So making sure you are getting enough calories will keep your metabolic functions ticking along nicely.

Secondly, try to reduce the stress in your life. This doesn’t mean cutting out people or stopping work. These are things that are easier said than done. But you can do a lot to manage how much stress you feel and how much it affects your body. Consider taking up meditation or changing up your exercise routine to include more activities that will boost brain function and release more endorphins into your system.

Above all else, the most important change you need to make is the way you view hair loss. It is the sad truth that, for some people, hair loss is genetically hard-wired and unavoidable. And that’s ok. It is only society’s high standards that make us think hair loss is all that bad.