Executive Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Hoteliers or Lodging Locations, Pastry Chefs, Mixologists, Sommeliers, Media, Vintners, Brewers, Artisans, etc.

Williamsburg Chefs and restaurants are the cornerstone of the Williamsburg Harvest Celebration weekend. There are several ways for interested chefs and restaurants to get involved. It is important that you contact and convey your ideas for participation early in the planning process.
Specific opportunities include:

Event Hosting
Host and create an event at your restaurant or venue. Each event must incorporate components of our Williamsburg Harvest Celebration motto of highlighting the regions bounty. This can come in many forms, and “drink” does NOT have to be exclusively alcoholic.

…be creative, theme your event, and bring in outside entertainment or spirit suppliers. Use your cuisine style or seasonal ingredients to create a theme.
…host a learning experience for your guests. Cooking classes are one of the most requested types of events our guests tell us they want more of.
…event hosts keep 90% of the gross ticket sales for their event. There is no event entry cost.

Event Participation
Sign up to get involved in a group event!
…become a showcased participant at the Kick-Off reception on Wednesday night. No fees, but you supply your ingredients and staff. There is a stipend available to offset your food costs. Be eligible to win prestigious awards based on your cuisine by judges and by People’s Choice. Winning chefs are featured photographically in year-round advertising by the Williamsburg Harvest Celebration and promoted through social media.
…become a participant in featured cook-offs and demos that take place during weekend.

Accommodations Providers:
The Williamsburg Harvest Celebration wants to partner with you to develop your reservations and expand on ticketing and event packages. We have developed a few different levels of Accommodation Sponsorships that are designed to be a WIN-WIN for all involved.

Beverage or Food Distribution Companies, Wineries, and Niche Beverage Producers
Beverages are an integral part of Williamsburg Harvest Celebration. Our motto is to focus on the regions wineries, distilleries and breweries, and just like there are a number of ways for beverage (and food supply) companies and niche beverage producers to be involved.

Event Participation
Featured in a specifically themed event. Donate or sponsor goods and services to cook-offs with featured areas to showcase your product branding.

You can be a featured drink vendor at the Kick-off Reception or an event part of the Harvest Celebration; you must donate specified amounts of your beverage for the event. No fee.
Sponsorship: Specific sponsorship opportunities exist for “glass” sponsors, as well as paper goods, service ware, etc. Event “Merchandise” sponsorship is also available as an option to gain exposure and brand building exposure.

Event sponsorship
You may choose to be a Title sponsor or a sponsor of a specific event. We can design and event for you and connect you with a restaurant wanting to feature your products to their guests. A fee may be negotiated as well as product donation.
Raffle support: You may donate goods or services as part of the raffles that take place at the opening party.

Media Providers and Travel writers
Media promotion is a very important part of the Williamsburg Harvest Celebration each year. We have worked very diligently to develop mutually agreeable media programs and spending with local and regional advertising outlets as well as travel writers.

As a media representative you can get involved in the Williamsburg Harvest Celebration through and arrangement of trade and paid support packages. Please contact our Executive Director, to discuss details of your product and distribution as well as rate and trade ideas. Williamsburg Harvest Celebration is a non-profit organization and is open to developing mutual advertising service relationships.
Travel writers are welcome to attend one or more events during Williamsburg Harvest Celebration weekend. With proper documentation and planned release of publicity, WHC may be able to provide admittance and/or accommodations to credentialed writers. This is done on a case by case basis, so please contact our Executive Director to discuss your proposal, story ideas and credentials.

Event Judging:
We have some specific events that require knowledgeable and unbiased judges. If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please contact us at admin@williamsburgharvestcelebration.com. If selected, you will perform required judging duties as well as guest/friend admittance to that specific event.